Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity has become the backbone of every business’s IT network and can determine the level of productivity as well as their availability and connection to their clients.

Installing the best available connection can have a huge impact on your company and will allow you to focus on your core business.

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All the Available Options

internet connectivityAs an internet connectivity supplier we have partnered with dozens of the best connectivity providers to ensure that wherever your company is located, we are in a position to offer you various solutions. This ensures that as a client you get the best possible connection rather than just only one that any given provider has to offer

High Speed Fibre

internet connectivityWhere available, Fibre is the most popular form of connectivity. With fantastic speeds and incredible stability – it propels productivity forward and is a massive improvement on the old ADSL lines that many companies still seem to use

Business Fixed LTE

internet connectivityWhilst there are many LTE products available today, there are huge differences in speeds, stability and reliability between the different providers. Openpath has tested all of the products out there and selected the best few that tick all the boxes for our clients.

With rapid deployment and flexibility these can be installed in minutes and due to the fact that there are no physical lines, they eliminate common headaches such as stolen ADSL lines and the associated downtime.

Broadband Wireless & Satellite

internet connectivityPerfect for locations where Fibre is not available and clients have high data usage needs. Unshaped and uncapped solutions that can generally be rolled out faster than cabled options.

Fast Reliable Internet

internet connectivityInternet Connectivity Providers in South Africa

With all the solutions we provide, our offerings ensure that as a client you have high-speed connections that are stable & reliable and are the best value for money possible – allowing your systems to operate as they should without interruption.

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