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Voice / Telecomms: We offer much lower call costs and also eliminate the need for expensive line rentals, meaning you are able to save up to 60% on your current telephony spend.

Additionally, all On-Net calls are free – so clients with multiple sites enjoy free inter-branch communication. All calls are billed per-second rather than per-minute.

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No More Stolen Cables

telecommsTraditional analogue telephone lines using copper cables have been the Achilles Heel of PBX Systems for years. The lines are very often stolen and, in such instances, downtime extends to months on end in many cases.

VOIP systems take away this problem and are also no longer limited to the “one active call per analogue line” issue associated with traditional lines and premicells.

Keep Your Existing Number.Your current telephone numbers are ported across to our network with ease in a matter of days and any cancellations are handled by our staff to ensure the process is quick and hassle-free.

New or additional geographical numbers are also available instantly should they be required.


telecommsNo more antiquated “Box on the wall” PABX’s that constantly need to be reprogrammed, repaired and maintained by onsite technicians with expensive call-out fees and parts.

Remote programming and support means that with our systems, 98% of ongoing maintenance or preference changes are executed online.

Another often overlooked benefit of VOIP systems is that the risk of lightning damage and the subsequent downtime is virtually non-existent. Phones are no longer connected to telephone lines (which are the most common route for lightning surges) but rather operate over network cable infrastructure.

Online Management

telecommsCall costs are easily tracked and managed by user or department ensuring abuse/wastage does not take place

All calls can also be recorded and available on the client’s portal for review. This is particularly useful for training purposes for new or existing staff as well as quality control

Scalable and Flexible

telecommsRoom for growth is no longer a concern as it is now literally as simple as just adding additional phones – no need for additional cards or upgrading of existing systems!

Moving offices is as easy as picking up the phone and plugging into another network point and preference changes are done at the click of a button.

Quality and Clarity

telecommsCalls are now crystal clear and of far better quality to those made on analogue lines. HD voice greatly improves user experience, particularly those in noisy environments

No more Missed Opportunities

telecommsBecause our phones all have Caller ID on incoming calls, as well as digital displays with Call History, you will no longer lose out on any potential business from people that have tried to contact your business. Simply select the missed call from history and dial them back. This impresses clients as it generally not expected and shows a superior level of service delivery.

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