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With our vast knowledge in understanding how to manage and drive cost effective print behaviour, while delivering optimal service delivery on a national scale.

We offer printing solutions on all the high level brands, with the most price aggressive structure in the market, providing premium grade national service footprint.

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Our Printing Systems Have You Covered

Printing and managing documentation is usually consistent and accurate. However, having dated, over-worked, or under-serviced hardware can bring reliable functionality to a stop.

Losing the ability to scan, fax, copy, or print is not an option. Openpath Technologies partners with the best brands in the business to ensure you have most the reliable solution in place.

Desktop printers

We understand that no printing solution is like the other, we pride ourselves in building printing environments that optimise and best suite each client’s needs. Offering the most cost effective laser printing solutions.

Multifunction Printers

A multifunction printer (or MFP) can print, copy, fax, and scan data to create a seamless path between paper and digital formats. MFP’s greatly improve workplace efficiency as they reduce overheads by combining numerous functions into one dependable device.

Print Management

Centralize your output management with our Managed Print Services to help lower printing costs, safeguard information and reduce waste.

Server-less Print Solutions

Improve your infrastructure agility to increase workplace productivity and enhance workforce mobility, while saving on operational costs.

Printer Management and Security

Help keep your information flowing with technologies that help track, configure, automate and secure your print devices — and the data they carry.

Centralized Printing

Partner with us to plan and implement a print management strategy that optimizes speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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